Environmental, Health and Safety Services:

Hazard Materials Management 

(Asbestos, lead and hazardous materials) during renovation and demolition. 

1. Asbestos 

2. Lead 

3. Hazardous Materials and potentially regulated materials.


Industrial Hygiene  

1. Chemical exposure 

2. Noise


Indoor Air Quality / Indoor Environmental Quality 

1. Odor complaints 

Mold/Fire & Water Damage  

1. Air and Bulk testing 

2. Mold Remediation Monitoring and Management 

3. Water intrusion

Phase I – Environmental Site Assessments and Vapor Intrusion, Phase II Sampling and Phase III Oversight/Support 

Environmental compliance oversight and management on Superfund, Brownfields, Consent Decree Sights and Contaminated properties.  

• Environmental Permitting; SPCC Plans, AST/UST Inspection services   

• Spill Clean-up / Emergency Response Oversight   

• SARA Tier II Reporting (Chemical)   

• Right-to-Know Compliance 

Chemical Disposal Oversight and compliance  

1. Lab packs 

2. Waste disposal 

3. Waste segregation 

4. Recycle/Reuse programs 

Chemical Inventory and Management  

1. MSDS screening during procurement process 

2. MSDS management – Online software tracking and management 

3. MSDS management – Archival services 

Health and Safety Audits 

Health and Safety Training  

1. Lead and Asbestos awareness 

2. Respiratory training and fit testing, Fall Protection, Confined Space.

OSHA Written Programs and Compliance Plans  

1. Construction Safety – Excavations, Traffic Control Plans

Health and Safety Plans (HASP) 

EHS Professional - Subcontracting/Staffing

EHS Partner Services – Radon, AST/UST, Biosafety, Epidemiology, Toxicology, Ventilation and Engineering, CIH, CSP, Expert Witness